Board Application

If you have any questions, please contact Kelly McAloon directly at 770-310-0429.

Must live or work inside the city limits of Snellville.
Must be a Classic Level Member of STAT in good standing by Oct. 1st, 2019 to qualify.


(if NO also answer none in the box).

I am a resident of Snellville
I am a resident of Gwinnett County
I am a Snellville Property Owner
I am an employee of a Snellville Business Owner
I am an employee of a Snellville Business Owner
I am an Elected Member of Government
Are you available for meetings on the 3rd Monday, every month from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.
Are you available to be interviewed by the Nominations Committee after October 21, 2019
Are you a "Classic Level" member of the Snellville Tourism & Trade


(If yes please list, if no also answer none in the box)
Served on Committees
Worked on Projects
Participated in Events
Financial Contributions
Main areas of interest

I will allow my name to be submitted for consideration in service to the Snellville Tourism and Trade Association (STAT); and as a member of the Board of Directors, I agree to:

  • • Be a "Classic Level" member of STAT in good standing by October 1st to qualify.
  • • Attend all possible regular monthly Board meetings, committee meetings, annual planning retreat, and any special meetings as required;
  • • Enter into full discussion and participation in policy decisions affecting the Association and its purposes;
  • • Accept responsibility for assignments and offer suggestions on programming or operations;
  • • Maintain matters of confidence when directed;
  • • Serve the Association, working for its overall wellbeing and that of the City of Snellville.
Want to download the application and fill it out by hand ?
Download the Application Here