caution  Snellville Tourism and Trade suspends the majority of events through October 2020.  Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases and rise in hospitalizations, we feel it is important to keep the health and safety of our citizens and visitors first and foremost. We feel that we cannot properly social distance at our concerts and larger events and are taking the advice of Gwinnett Newton Rockdale Health Department doctors who suggest not to have large gatherings of people, which can spread the virus, even outdoors.

The following events will be canceled until 2021:  Snellville Concert Series (Aug. 22, Sept. 26 and Oct. 10), Star-Spangled Labor Day (Sept. 5), Taste of Snellville (Sept. 12), Fall Festival (Oct. 24).  Remember to wash your hands, social distance, and wear a mask to protect yourself and others.


Snellville Tourism & Trade encourages residents to stay safe and informed during this time regarding the Corona Virus. For more information and updates on the virus please refer here Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, City of Snellville website, Barbara Bender - Mayor of Snellville, Dave Emanuel - Mayor Pro Tem of Snellville, Eastside Hospital, Gwinnett, Newton & Rockdale County Health Departments.

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